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Consumption petrol in ltr/100km, combined 6,4 - 6,3; CO2 emissions, g/km: combined 148 - 145; Efficiency Class: D

Function ‘Volkswagen Connect® – Driving Statistics‘

Analyze your driving data.

Volkswagen Connect gives you a statistical analysis. It is divided into miles driven and duration, litres of fuel purchased and costs, day and night trips, categorisation of the type of trip (business, private, commute), efficiency of driving and number of challenges won. The main screen displays all the added values or the percentage of each section reached.

Your fuel data

Miles driven / trip time

Separated according to year, month, week and day

Litres of fuel purchased / fuel costs

Separated according to year, month, week and day

Miles driven during the day / at night

Separated according to year, month, week and day

Efficiency of driving / annual average

Total, engine speed, acceleration, braking, speed, coolant temperature (each in %)

Type of trip

Number of trips for business, commute, private

Challenges completed

Distance, time, skill, bonus, environment

Who drives the car for business purposes, and for how long? Get a quick overview of all the vehicle data at a glance.

The analysis also records all the other vehicle data and summarises them for you in a clear overview.

Discover additional app features

Volkswagen Partners

Direct connection to your Volkswagen car dealer for automated service requests.

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Driving style analysis

Improve your driving style directly on your smartphone with the automatic driving style analysis.

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My Volkswagen

Vehicle data with an overview of vehicle identification number, mileage, inspection, oil service or tyre info.

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Volkswagen Connect® Contact

00 800 444 999 50

Europe-wide for free. 
Monday - Friday 7.00 am to 7.00 pm
Saturday 8.00 am to 3.30 pm
Your provider does not support the telephone number?
Please call +49 5361 83 89 99 16

The costs are according to your provider. Calls from foreign countries may be more expensive.

The vehicle identification number

What is a VIN?

The vehicle identification number (VIN) is a unique 17-digit code that can be used to identify your vehicle. You can locate your VIN in the vehicle log book, vehicle registration certificate, or in the lower area of your windscreen.

Vehicle registration

Certificate of Admission


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